Different parts of a candle and what their magical symbolism is.

The candle embodies the human body and spirit so when trying to perform candle magic, it’s important to know what parts symbolize what. 

The candle is divided into 6 total parts and they are:

Holder: The holder or base represents Earth; the physical world. Eventually this is where your intent will manifest itself.

Wax: Symbolizes the human body. This is where you personalize the candle by carving symbols, words, or shapes into it.

Wick: Unlit, it represents potential; when lit, it carries your wish into the spiritual realm.

Flame: Symbolizes the Divine Spirit. The flame can talk to you by moving a certain way, burning brighter or lower, etc. You can tell the effectiveness of the spell by watching the flame and taking cues from it.

Halo: The glow surrounding the flame is called the halo, and it’s symbolism is the human aura. When using a candle to scry, this is what you would focus on.

Smoke: Serves as the messenger, relaying your wish into the Otherworld. Also, if you watch the smoke, it will give you an idea on how your wish will come back to you. 

Later I am posting a sample candle ritual I found to further help.

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